Feeling deleted?

It’s just a demented way of thinking
You just think you’ve gotten rid of
Something boring
Too political
Too long to read
Too thoughtful to concentrate on
Looks too much like a donation request
Looks too much like a donation command
Doesn’t look at all personal
Or a warrant from an independent federal judge
Or an unknown Facebook friend
So just delete.     Get rid of it

But it doesn’t delete and you can’t get rid of it
It’s still there, sneaking around
waiting to torment you demanding another reading
Which is worse than the first
And demands more action

Does it ever really end.  And where

Can’t you Just vanish for god sakes


A convenient tool for mincing words

Just what you have been needing for years
Of smiling thinly upon demand
Laughing heartily when prompted
Fudging the facts
Fudging the facts with a coating of humility
Looking away from criticism
Skirting an apology

It’s handy and takes up very little room in your coat pocket

Just don’t sit sideways

The culture of insecurity

What was it that I said that I’m sorry I said
And wish I had thought about for at least
A second or two
Almost everything

Musing about an intransigent situation should
Be placed on.    muse
An illusive computer button that’s virtually invisible
Except by squinting all over the screen

And maybe located much later
Or maybe not


I guess I don’t love you enough
To spend the whole winter inside with you
Thinking of ways to pass the frozen moments
Of single digits
Glancing fitfully at news online or on screen
And trying to marvel at the pristine whiteness
While hunting for sweaters to fit over other sweaters
And still accommodate an overcoat
And mismatching heavy socks to fit into overshoes
And still be chirpy and smiling weakly searching
A cupboard for a can of soup not too old to be heated up

I don’t know what’s wrong with me     ….or you

Insanity for all

Besides placebos in two flavors
I’m planning on    political chips
Tasty and healthy     One package called democrats.
One called republicans and  maybe a third called undecided
Same ingredients, but great for visual fun and sports watching

2 powerball tickets in case no one buys anything.